Playing with stuff

Have you ever watched a child receive a beautiful shop bought toy which they eagerly open, look at and explore and then proceed to play with the cardboard box or wrapping that it came in? That cardboard box can become anything, a den for a dinosaur, a garage for cars, something to put things in and out off or a hat or helmet! With a little imagination cardboard boxes (both big and small) will transport a child into a world of fun. Good quality play need not cost anything except time. Your home, your garden, the outdoor environment are all full of ‘stuff’  hat can be used for play. Often babies and children will play with whatever is available to them. An old handbag, Mum or Dads shoes, a bunch of keys, old fabric to make a den, pots and pans, a bucket, ….the list is endless!

It is not always necessary to purchase shop bought toys – often homemade/found resources will hold endless fascination and fun.

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Playing with Stuff – Loose Parts

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