Play your part…

Children love you playing with them. You are the most important in helping your child learn!

Here are also a couple of ideas for Christmas presents:

  • Teddy Bear:
    • A teddy bear helps build an imaginary world where boys and girls can act out everyday routines like putting teddy to bed.
  • Playdough:
    • When playing with play dough talk about actions and describing words,  “Roll”, “Squeeze”, “Blue”, “Soft” etc
  • Shakers:
    • Shakers are great for developing listening and attention skills. Use them when singing songs and rhymes.
  • Books:
    • Sharing books with your child will help build language skills and forms the building blocks needed for reading and writing.
  • Ball:
    • When playing with a ball use action words such as “Kick”, “Throw”, and “Catch”
  • Cardboard Box:
    • Why do Children love playing with a box? It allows them to bring their imagination to life!

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